If you have questions, no problem. Here are some questions about our services that might be running through your mind. After reading this, your issues should be sorted. However, if you still have more queries, give us a call and we’ll be ready to handle them.

Q: Will you buy my house or will you just list it on the MLS?

A: We are investors and not real estate agents. Therefore, we don’t list your property. Instead, we buy houses presented to us, which meet our buying criteria. We might list the house later when reselling it but not when purchasing it from you.

Q: Do you have fair offers for houses?

A: Most houses that we buy are usually below the normal market value. Remember that we purchase all kinds of houses regardless of the condition or situation. We purchase these houses, renovate them, and later resell them for profit. Although our offer is usually below market value, most sellers are usually happy to work with us due to the fact that we pay for their houses in cash. We close as fast as you would want, and you are not required to pay any agent fees or commissions. In addition, you don’t have to spend your time and money doing renovations. We save you all these costs and still give you a great offer for your property.

Q: How do you determine what to pay for my house?

A: Our process of determining the cost of your property is usually very simple. First, we look at the current condition of your property to evaluate the cost of any required renovations. Afterward, we evaluate the location of your house and the cost of similar houses around the area. We consider many other factors and later come up with a good price that works for both of us.

Q: Am I required to pay any fees and commissions when working with you?

A: We offer a completely different way to sell property. We are not realtors and don’t require you to pay any fees or commissions to work with us. Instead, we are investors and have ready cash, with which we use to buy your house. We are here to help you save money that you would spend on repairs, paying real estate agents, and probably attorneys if you were using the conventional method to sell your home.

Q: How are you distinct from real estate agents?

A: The work of a real estate agent is to advertise your house and hope that someone will see and buy it. If a sale is successful, the agent takes a percentage, usually 3-7%, from the sale price as commission. The sad thing is that realtors don’t guarantee the sale of your house. Therefore, they can take up to one year to successfully sell your property. We are different from them because we have ready cash, which we use to purchase your property. Therefore, you are not required to pay any fees or commissions. In addition, we close the deal in as little as three days after you accept our offer.